Spring 2019

Spring 2018

In the Spring 2019 Spero Newsletter read up on Hearing the Voice of Poverty, Yin and Yang of the New Economy, and New Reports and Resources.

This spring's Spero Newsletter examines the role of the New Economy in poverty reduction, introduces a community initiative in NE Calgary and considers a street-level perspective on basic human needs.

Fall 2017

Along with Derek’s reflection on the 25th anniversary of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, the Fall 2017 Spero Newsletter includes a report on the launch of the Poverty Studies Summer Institute and an article from one of its participants. You'll also find the latest CPI news and upcoming events.

Spring 2017

This edition of Spero contemplates "If All We Have is Our Money", shares the response on the CPI's report "Rights, Capabilities and Obligations: New Perspectives on Child Poverty in Calgary", introduces the Institute's Beth Stovell and more.

Winter 2017

Read articles from Derek Cook and Sarah Arthurs, get to know the Institute's Dr. Monetta Bailey and get updates on what's happening with the Canadian Poverty Institute and poverty in Canada.

Fall 2016

Welcome to the first edition of Spero, the newsletter of the Canadian Poverty Institute. The Canadian Poverty Institute exists to heal poverty through teaching, research and public dialogue. Spero will be published three times per year to bring you insights, news and updates about our work to heal poverty in Canada.

You may wonder about the meaning of the word “Spero” and why it was chosen as the name of this publication. Spero is a Latin word that can mean “hope”, “believe” or “imagine”.